Blueprint For Business Success! 
The statistics are shocking, 95% of all small business fail in their first five years! Of the ones that make it, 95% of them fail in the next five years! But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can set your business up for massive success, if you follow a few key principles. 

In this exciting special report you’ll learn exactly what must do to survive, thrive and prosper!


• Critical Business Advice You MUST Not Ignore!

• If You Are Not Getting Paid, You Are Not in Business!

• The Simple Paradigm Shift You Need To Create Massive Business Success

• Why Developing Your Corporate Culture Early & Putting A BIG Emphasis on Sales Will Pay Huge Dividends!

• Embrace the Japanese Principle of Kazan!

 Understand WHAT Business You Are Actually In Because Most People Don’t!

• Start With The End In Mind - Write It Down; If It Doesn’t Work on Paper It Won’t Work In Real Life!

• Why You Should Build Your Business On A Franchise Model Even If You Never Plan To Own More Than A Single Flea-Market Stall

• The Critical Importance of Spending Time Each Week Working On Your Business Not In It!

• The Sooner You Start Creating Detailed Systems For How You Want Your Business To Run, The Better Your Business Will Perform
   and The Easier It Will Be to Grow!

• A Good System is Comprised of Ten Major Elements, All of Which Must be Present

• Why Ego Kills Most Companies and How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Ruin Yours!

• Seven Resolutions For Superior Business Performance - Live By These Simple Resolutions and You Will Be Happier, Stress
  Free, and More Profitable!

About the author, Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood’s Passion in Life is Helping Businesses Maximize Their Sales, Marketing and Growth Potential! 

He founded Legendary Marketing, a business designed to combine his passion for golf and travel with his marketing expertise. Legendary quickly built a name for itself in the golf industry with innovative websites, social media and online campaign. 

Author of over 20 sales and marketing books including; Cunningly Clever Marketing, Cunningly Clever Selling, Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur and The Golf Marketing Bible. He is considered the world’s leading expert in golf, resort and real estate marketing and spoken to thousands of audiences worldwide on this and other topics from his books.   

A pioneer in internet marketing his creative talent, out of the box ideas and copywriting skills are at the core of his expertise. Regarded as one of the top marketing minds in the world his ability to generate leads and increase income are the key to his client’s successes.

In his spare time he travels the world, plays golf & tennis, writes books and occasionally races cars! 

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